Frequently Asked Questions

1. What experience do I need?

The essential qualities of a class leader are:

The desirable qualities of a class leader are:

No formal or musical qualifications or experience are needed. Only you can decide if it’s the right move for you. As well as delivering the Weeny Boppers programme effectively you need to be prepared for working hard at establishing and running your own successful business.

2. What does it cost?

The franchise is realistically priced at £4,200 (no VAT) including training, branding, marketing package, webpages, email, admin systems, exclusive territory and a comprehensive franchise agreement initially lasting three years (automatically reviewed and renewed at this stage). An instalment option is available. There are no hefty royalties or monthly commissions taken as a percentage from the earnings of each of your classes, penalising you the harder you work and the more classes you set up. Instead we charge a small fixed management fee of £15 per month to cover ongoing mentoring and support. This covers access to our social network where you can ask questions, get advice and help 24/7 as well as a scheduled hourly one-to-one mentor session once a month via either telephone or Skype. This way, you will be able to budget your fees and keep more of what you earn as your income increases.

A basic instrument package should cost around £350 and a fuller package around £500. Top up party equipment, (including larger play equipment and extra quantities of instruments), should cost around £200. For the PA/Monitor Speaker System, which we recommend, you’ll need to budget around £130. We will provide a list of suppliers, recommended equipment and quotes and will advise and support you through your acquisition of equipment.

As well as your initial franchise fee you will also need enough money available to support your business during its set-up and early stages, including advertising / marketing.

You will also need to obtain an enhanced CRB check if you don’t already have one (approx. £44) and purchase Public Liability Insurance (approx. £55 p.a.) We can help with advice on both of these.

3. How much can I earn?

It’s fairly straightforward to work out your own financial targets and potential income based on your local going rates for venue hire, class fees and your available hours of work. As an example:

Class price per child is £5.00 and £2.00 sibling discount (you are able to set your own class prices)

A full class of 14 children including 2 siblings would provide an income of around £64 for a 45-minute class. You would aim to run at least two classes during a morning at one location (total £128), perhaps three (total £192). Six classes each week would provide a gross income of £384; nine classes £576 and twelve classes £768.

Deduct your venue hire and other running costs. Your venue may cost around £10 per hour or £25 for the whole morning.

You might also run classes in the afternoon and / or seek bookings from organisations in the remaining time (which will incur no venue costs). Typical charges might range from £30 - £45 per 45-minute session.

Party income can be anything from £100 - £200 per 2-hour party depending on your location. For example, two parties on a Saturday and two parties on a Sunday could make anything between £400 - £800 a week-end, according to your rates.

An illustration of possible earnings

Remember these are examples only and are based on full classes of 14 children (2 paying sibling discount). Building successful classes is hard work and requires motivation, focus and energy. The figures above cannot be seen as a guarantee of income, as income varies according to the time spent developing the business, local demographics, individual costs and many other factors. 

4. Do I need transport? Do I need an office?

Having your own car is extremely helpful as it would be difficult to manage your equipment and speaker/audio system on public transport - and all your venues would have to be on bus routes. However, if your own transport isn’t an option then you may be able to find a venue where you can store your equipment or set aside some of your earnings for taxi expenses. But this isn’t a realistic option if you plan to take bookings from organisations and/or parties where you have no control over where the session will be held.

Although your business will be mobile you will need a suitable storage space where boxes and bags of equipment can be kept. A spare bedroom, utility room or garage would do. Admin can be undertaken from home and you will need a computer and a telephone.

5. What does the training consist of?

Training can be completed from the comfort of your own home via an online course and DVD.

The Business Manual takes you step-by-step through setting up your business ie. advertising your classes; market research; choosing venues; attracting and keeping customers; sales pitching; setting your business goals; managing class enrolments; administration systems and lots more.

The Activity Instruction Guide explains the logistics and practicalities of running your sessions, including programme content; session structure; engaging children and parents; creating a welcoming and affirming atmosphere as well as 33 detailed lesson plan instructions.

We also provide a comprehensive training DVD that looks in-depth at teaching methods, curriculum content and effective delivery. The DVD covers children’s development and learning through music and movement; class structure and content; teaching techniques; delivering to various ages and in different settings; philosophy and beliefs… basically what we do, how we do it and why we do it.


6. What equipment do I need?

The activities in the programme can be implemented using broad categories of instruments and equipment so that you can substitute items at the beginning and build it up slowly. For instance for the ‘instrument play-alongs’ you can use any banging, rattling, shaking, jingling or scraping instruments; for the ‘whole body movement’ you can use either scarves, streamers, pom-poms or other dancing props; puppets can start off as the basic five and then increase as you build up your collection and a parachute and lycra will do the same job. You may then choose to add extra items such as a wider variety of percussion and tuned instruments, baby mirrors, balls, soft toys, tambourines or drums as your business develops. Parties require a few additional items such as play tunnels, hoops and beach balls and extra top-up quantities of some instruments.

The emphasis at Weeny Boppers is on lots of informal learning through exploration, play and fun. A varied set of props and equipment helps ensure that you capture the imagination and attention of all the children. It’s also essential that you use good quality, safe and age appropriate instruments and equipment.

You will need a portable CD player or ipod speaker loud enough to be heard above the sound of instruments and voices and to carry sound well in a big hall. Recommendations on audio equipment can be given.

7. How will the territory be worked out?

We will negotiate with you the region in which you wish to operate your business, taking into account the size of the population, the number of towns and the mile radius. One territory will normally include a minimum of three postcode districts (e.g. BN15, BN16 and BN17) with a population of approximately 250,000 to 500,000. An average area will be large enough to establish at least 15 weekly classes plus Nursery, Preschool and Children’s Centre sessions. This will be an exclusive area in which to develop your business; no one else will be able to launch Weeny Boppers classes there.


Enquiries to Karen Davidson 01535 642848  /  07748 103415

Why choose Weeny Boppers?
Why choose weeny boppers
The Weeny Boppers franchise offers unbeatable value, as it’s basically two businesses within one package.
Earning potential; costs; experience/qualifications; territory; training; equipment; transport/office...
The package
The package
Your Weeny Boppers franchise package includes all you need to launch your classes and get your business up and running.
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