Weeny Boppers

"The children look forward to Weeny Boppers and enjoy each session. They enjoy the musical instruments, story time and movement with scarves the best. It all helps build confidence, gross motor skills and hand eye co-ordination. There is a good balance of activities. Karen works well interacting with the children."
Ruth - Childminder to Megan 3 yrs, Rowan 3 yrs, Gabi 2 yrs, Jake 2 yrs and Noah 1.

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Music and movement activity classes for babies, pre-schoolers and Primary School children in Keighley, Craven and Bradford areas, West and North Yorkshire


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Weeny Boppers provides music and movement classes for baby, toddler and preschool children in various community venues for parents/carers and under fives. We also run sessions in Primary Schools and Early Years settings and provide unique, action-packed birthday party entertainment.

What do we do?

Each session offers an exciting mix of interactive songs; instruments; musical activities; movement; dance; actions; rhymes; listening activities; play; story time; sensory exploration and games.

Children will enjoy exploring a wide variety of percussion instruments; scarves; mirrors; puppets; books; streamers; bubbles; pom-poms and play equipment such as hoops, balls, tunnels and parachutes.

We like to stretch, sway, stomp, march, clap, tap, bounce, jump, swoosh, run and dance all the way through each session! You will enjoy learning many unique, purpose written songs and as well as using some well-known material, including a variety of pop/rock; children's theme tunes; classical; world music; jazz and other styles.

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How does it help?

The activities are carefully designed to

Most importantly - sessions are fun and engaging!

What do the children learn?

Weeny Boppers teaches foundational music skills – beat and rhythm, melody, high and low notes, bumpy and smooth, quiet and loud, and fast and slow tempos.

Children learn more in their first seven years than at any other time in their lives. Research shows that active music making in early childhood can help aid learning in literacy; reading; language; pattern recognition; numeracy and maths. In other words, music provides a strong foundation and gives your child a great head start.

Weeny Boppers programmes are carefully designed to directly support the goals of the Early Years Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1.

What do we believe?

Every child is different and learns in their own unique way and at their own pace. There is no formal instruction or pressure to achieve a particular outcome – we’re not aiming to create mini-musicians. Weeny Boppers motivates and stimulates babies and children to learn and develop through open exploration; discovery; new experiences and finding out for themselves. The activities draw out each child’s natural curiosity and creativity in enjoyable and lively ways.

By building on what each child can already do and encouraging them to take it a step further, our activities instil confidence, self-esteem and a sense of achievement.

Young children and babies need to be emotionally engaged in order to learn so we make sure our activities provide lots of fun and excitement!

Parents are central to children’s learning so sessions include tips, explanations of the benefits and regular activities to take home.

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