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"I thought that the variety of the music was really good introducing loud and quiet, quick and slow. Karen was excellent. Brilliant course. The children enjoyed all of it and really enjoyed the parachute with the balls, also the scarves and sticks. I feel they have learnt about different types of music and also been helped with language skills and listening skills. It was all brilliant and Karen really engaged the children."
JANE, Nursery Nurse.

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Weeny Boppers can provide tailored one-off events, short block courses or ongoing weekly sessions for Nurseries, Children's Centres, Primary Schools and Pre-Schools.

We have programmes for babies and children 0 to 7 years old, both in adult and child / family groups and in children's class settings.

Sessions are carefully designed to address the total development of the child and encompass many of the learning goals of the Early Years Foundation Stage and of Key Stage 1.


Schools Programmes

Weeny Boppers teaches foundational music skills – the children will develop an awareness of beat and rhythm, pitch, melody, notation, ensemble. They will learn to read simple musical rhythms and melody lines and understand the basic musical concepts such as staccato and legato (bumpy/smooth), piano and forte (soft/loud), and presto and largo (fast/slow).

Weeny Boppers encourages physical fitness – the children will use whole body movements (stretching; running; stamping; jumping…); practise warm-up and exercise routines; enjoy team games (tag; obstacle course races; play equipment) and synchronised group dances.

Our two-pronged approach promotes both musical learning and physical fitness. The structured school programmes are carefully designed to develop:

• thinking skills – including memory, sequencing and concentration
• creative skills – including improvisation, imagination and expression
• social skills - including team work, co-operation, confidence and self-esteem
• physical fitness - including co-ordination, balance, agility and control
• language - including communication, listening and fluency of speech
• maths skills – including pattern-recognition, ratios and proportions


The cost ranges from £15 - £45 per session depending on factors such as travel, length and regularity.

We are happy to discuss individual requirements and budgets and can provide detailed information to help support funding applications.

References are available upon request.

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