What do others say about Weeny Boppers?

Here’s what some of our parents and Session Leaders have had to say about Weeny Boppers:

“My husband and I have taken our 2 children - to Weeny Boppers from 18 months of age until it was time to start nursery at 3 ½ years. Both have loved the sessions. They would always ask if it was "Weeny Boppers Day" and get excited when they saw the "Weeny Boppers Car" outside the venue! Both of them grew in confidence in many ways: being amongst other children, being musically aware e.g. beats and rhythms, confidence as an individual and in his/her own abilities.

The opportunity arose for me to run sessions for Karen. Karen was very supportive providing practical support i.e. shadowing sessions and also providing full and thorough documentation. This included lesson plans with extra activity guidance notes to accompany them. These plans and notes were full and with enough detail to feel confident in running the sessions on my own. The learning goals were clear and adhered to and I was clear and confident in what was expected from me and also of the participants in each session.

Karen has written a high quality programme that encompasses all learning needs, abilities and cultural needs using music, instruments, rhymes, dances, fitness and good fun. It can also be adapted immediately and effectively to suit any unforeseen situation that may occur within a session e.g. vast age ranges within a group.

Families loved attending the sessions. I know this because they would tell me when they would turn up very early for a session eager for their child to start. Nearly all the families would re-book for the next session and bring their friends too!

As a group leader I really enjoyed running the sessions. Although at first I was nervous I found that once the music started I got swept up with the fun and excitement of the children and quickly realised that any mistakes didn't matter as the session would often flow by itself due to the fast pace.

As a role it is very fulfilling. To see not just the children but the families grow in confidence, musical ability and friendship was lovely each week and as the children get to know you more you can see their abilities really develop which help them have even more fun.”

- Helen Willetts, Weeny Boppers Session Leader.


“Weeny Boppers is a fun multisensory, action packed, fast paced programme. The songs, dances and rhymes are always stimulating and are fantastic for young children and babies alike.

The resources are exciting and are modelled in lots of different ways, encouraging children to explore and use their imagination. Children learn rhythm, tempo, pitch and much more through music, dance, movement and most importantly fun!” 

- Samantha Craven, mum to Ella and Primary School Teacher.


“I have been running party sessions for Karen Davidson of Weeny Boppers for the past 18 months and have found running the parties to be one of the most positive and enjoyable experiences I have had during my working life.

The sessions, both 1 hour and 2 hours, are extremely well planned, well structured and easy to deliver once you are familiar with the content and equipment. All the equipment is provided and activities run in a well-planned order of mixed active and passive activities which gives the children the chance to rest for a while between the more physical games.

A typical 2-hour session begins with wooden sticks which we use for rhythm and actions (and making plenty of noise!). The Hokey Cokey always brings enjoyment, followed by a chase game of tag-tails, and magic stacking bubbles, at this point the children get a rest and always love to learn the 'morning song' whilst playing with puppets.

Back to the more physical musical statues with colourful scarves, then team game assault course (which often turns into free play time with younger children), followed by stop on a dot, bright pom-pom dancing, the parachute (which is always loved by children and parents) and finally multi-coloured streamers for the fast and slow Nelly the Elephant.

However there are many extra activities which you could replace/change for another if appropriate or if your time runs over. Realistically there is around 2 and a half hours worth of structured, solid entertainment.

The sessions are fast paced with little time between each activity, however this keeps the children keenly interested in what might be coming next! The games are exciting, fun, educational and always well received and enjoyed. My experiences have always been positive, the children engage quickly and easily and everyone has a great time (including me!), it is a very rewarding job.

Having a young daughter myself and having been to numerous children's parties as a guest, I can honestly say Weeny Boppers parties are unique along with being the only party business I have come across who actually engages with and entertain the children for the duration of the party.

I have always received positive feedback from parents, organisers, children and guests alike who often comment on how much they have enjoyed watching the activities and games. I believe this is due to the constant interaction between the deliverer and the children, which would not be possible if the sessions were not so well planned and structured.

Along with the job satisfaction that comes with running the parties the financial benefits are extremely good. I cannot think of another job that allows you to earn an equivalent hourly rate.  A 2 hour party inclusive of travel time, setting up and packing away time make the total hours of work for 1 party around 3 hours, it is easy to deliver 2 parties in 1 day. Not only does running these sessions offer rewarding job satisfaction, they can also provide a substantial wage.”

- Jane Rumbles, Weeny Boppers Party Leader.


“Weeny Boppers is a fantastic learning platform for my child. The sessions are quick paced and energetic which is perfect for little concentration spans! The sessions not only focus on rhyme, rhythm, movement and fun but also on important pre-school skills children need to learn.

To me, one of the most important skills taught is how to ‘stop’ and ‘listen’: through the music and games we play the children are asked to slow down, speed up, stop and start again; this basic skill becomes second nature as the children mature.

My child has picked up the skill of ‘packing away’ from Weeny Boppers, we use the same songs as in the session and he is more than happy to pack up when we start to sing. Number skills are also present throughout the sessions from counting the beats of the dance steps we do, how many jumps we do, how many animals come out to play on the parachute to the dedicated number songs we sing together.

The children are surrounded by number and soak it up. Weeny Boppers also teaches ‘turn taking’ which is a very important pre-school (and life) skill; this helps the children with their confidence in group situations as they are able to transfer the skills from one setting to another. It is especially effective as the parents are important in guiding the children with this and take an active part in their child’s learning during the sessions.

Karen always explains the benefits of the actions we do which helps parents see what they can do to help the children at home; how particular movements help to engage the brain can easily be incorporated into home life.

Weeny Boppers provides much more than a fun place to sing and dance; it links in many pre-school skills and ultimately helps the children grow and mature into sensible, capable fun living children ready to take on anything with the confidence. It is a well-planned and highly diverse group, tailored as best to the age group present to fully engage and enrich the children’s and parents’ experience. We love Weeny Boppers and enjoy every second of it, especially the bubbles!”

- Sarah Davies, mum to Thomas and Primary School Teacher.


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Why choose Weeny Boppers?
Why choose weeny boppers
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The package
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Here’s what some of our parents and Session Leaders have had to say about Weeny Boppers:


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