Why choose Weeny Boppers?

a) Early childhood classes and birthday parties all rolled into one!
The Weeny Boppers franchise offers unbeatable value, as it’s basically two businesses within one package. Your franchise includes a year’s music and movement lesson plans for 0-5s plus party plans for 1 and 2 hour birthday parties, Christening parties, fun days and other events. This could be ideal for two people to split the cost and split the roles, as a party business can be run totally independently from classes.

b) Special Mixed-age family sessions catering for children from birth to 5:
One of the great features of the Weeny Boppers programme is our mixed-age sessions for children from birth to 5 years. This makes great practical and business sense as so many parents who want to sign up for preschool classes want to bring two different aged siblings. Age-specific classes exclude those families. This can act as a major disadvantage by restricting potential numbers in your own classes in community venues and can also reduce bookings from organisations, particularly Children’s Centres, who want to offer activities to family groups of mixed ages all together.

A further major advantage of family sessions is that it requires just one lot of planning and preparation each week. Once you’ve familiarised yourself with this week’s material and packed up your equipment you’re ready to roll, leaving more time for admin and marketing or family commitments. Preparing several age-specific lessons and packing up different bags of equipment each week is a time consuming and cumbersome task, not to mention having to swap between different age lessons, material and equipment during the course of a morning.

All the activities are carefully designed to benefit all ages on different levels, and sessions can easily be geared towards babies, toddlers or young children either in segregated groups or all ages together.

c) Physically active and energetic activities using props, play equipment and instruments:
Another great feature of Weeny Boppers is that activities are very physically active and energetic which is great for adding variety in sessions, keeping children’s interest, developing physical health and co-ordination skills and most of all, ticking the fitness box for organisations. The programme offers far more than just a toddler music class, sitting round playing instruments and singing songs. The Weeny Boppers multi-activity programme is extremely versatile, fitting the criteria of physical health and fitness for funding purposes, as well as aiding all the other major areas of child development and early years learning.

d) Upbeat and lively programme.
It’s vital that you like and feel confident in the material you’re delivering. Weeny Boppers uses catchy and upbeat pop / rock music; children’s theme tunes; purpose written unique songs and original music; modern sing-along nursery rhymes and music from different cultures and genres. Our experience over the years has taught us that kids love and benefit from all varieties of music while adults can be more selective and may be eventually driven away by repetition of tedious nursery rhymes and bland or cheesy children’s songs! So the programme provides a wide range of up-tempo, appealing music that will keep parents coming back week after week. And of course as a class leader you’ll be delivering each session numerous times during a week so will need to find your material continually engaging and enjoyable yourself.

The content of sessions should be an important factor in your choice of franchise, since you’ll be running it for years to come and want to attract and keep custom from families and organisations. Typical activities include:
• Whole body movement exercises
• Rhythm games
• Action songs
• Exploration of props and play equipment
• Synchronised group dances
• Instrument play-alongs
• Listening exercises
• Story time
• Rhymes
The entire session will be interactive, developmental, and most of all, great fun!

e) Musical learning in line with EYFS child development principles.
The programme has been very carefully designed to incorporate a wide variety of activities offering the maximum learning opportunities for babies and children. We have a two-pronged approach, which promotes both musical learning and physical fitness. Using an exciting mix of musical activities, actions, whole body movement and focussed listening, the programme teaches foundational music skills – beat and rhythm, melody, high and low notes, bumpy and smooth, quiet and loud, and fast and slow.

Incorporated within that are the obvious basic learning elements of number skills, vocabulary, balance and co-ordination, social and emotional skills, confidence and creativity. Each Weeny Boppers session is carefully and specifically designed to encourage growth and learning in all areas of child development - physical, social, emotional, language and cognitive and to foster the principles of the Early Years Foundation Stage. You will receive a document outlining the specific ways in which our programme directly promotes the EYFS child development principles, which can be given to organisations along with your marketing material or to assist their funding applications.

f) Tips, ideas and explanations for parents/carers about the benefits of such activities, including handouts to carry on the fun and learning at home.
Alongside detailed lesson plans and instructions on their delivery you will receive information on the developmental benefits of the activities, so that you can explain briefly to your class why you are doing something and how it helps. You will also receive handouts of activities that can be taken home. This is popular with parents as it enables them to understand the full benefits of the activities carried out in classes and to reinforce their child’s development at home. Parents who understand the benefits for themselves are more likely to stay with you long-term and to actively recommend you to others.


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Why choose Weeny Boppers?
Why choose weeny boppers
The Weeny Boppers franchise offers unbeatable value, as it’s basically two businesses within one package.
Earning potential; costs; experience/qualifications; territory; training; equipment; transport/office...
The package
The package
Your Weeny Boppers franchise package includes all you need to launch your classes and get your business up and running.
Here’s what some of our parents and Session Leaders have had to say about Weeny Boppers:


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